Returning a purchased item:

Not all items purchased from FlatFour Pty Ltd can be returned for a refund. Items that are not in stock at FlatFour Pty Ltd that need to be ordered form an international supplier cannot be returned.
All other items that are available for return will attract a 15% Return Fee when refunding via your original purchase method. You can opt to instead receive store credit applied to your customer account for 100% of the original purchase price.

Please note any products that have been opened, test fitted, damaged, packaging or contents lost or damaged will NOT be accepted for return. FlatFour Pty Ltd do not accept returns based on change of mind. FlatFour Pty Ltd will accept applications to return a purchased item within 7 business days of items being delivered. Acceptable reasons for a return are limited to mis-advertised or described items and faulty or defective items. Returns and credits are only accepted via application to FlatFour Pty Ltd and are honoured at the discretion of FlatFour Pty Ltd.

Please also note no shipping costs in your original purchase will not be refunded.

How do I lodge an application to return an item?
Should you wish to lodge and application to return an item please email info@flatfour.com.au with the following information…
Full Name:
Order Number:
Reason for return:
Your contact email:
Your contact mobile/phone number:
Attached photos of items in question:

FlatFour Pty Ltd will then make direct contact with the consumer to investigate the return application.

WHEN will the refund be applied?

Upon receiving the returned item FlatFour Pty Ltd will process the return within 48 hours. Once completed you will be advised of the return approval status. Once approved for refund your selected refund method will be processed.

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